CREDITS: Oleg Smirnov - composition, orchestration, score preparation, conducting, mixing, production  



Here are some sample works produced for a variety of Music for Visual Content settings, e.g. TV shows, series, documentaries, advertisement, generic music library cues, trailers, etc. Credits include composition, orchestration/arranging, recording of live performances, and production




Alto - Adora Makokha

Tenor - Andrey Katikov

Bass - Colby Awatuya

Soprano - Marina Vinogradova

CREDITS: Arranged & produced by Oleg Smirnov


A Tribute to Whitney Houston


An inspiring collaboration of international artists initiated by Russia raised vocalist Maria Suetina which brought together talents from USA, Costa Rica, and Russia together for this medley to pay homage to the renowned musical genius of Whitney.


CREDITS: guitar performance, co-producton, mixing 

Vocals - Maria Suetina

Bass - Nelson Segura

Keyboards - Valery Stepanov

Guitars - Oleg Smirnov

Drums - Darion Waddler


 Riders On The Storm 

A Tribute to "THE DOORS"

Vocals  -  Rosario Pallares, Marina Vinogradova


Trombone  -  Yuichiro Tamagaki

Alto Sax  -  Caitie Butterworth

Tenor Sax  -  Alex Madeline

Trumpet  -  Arnetta Johnson


Piano  -  Anastasiya Petrova


Acoustic Bass  -  Marcelo Maccagnan

Electric Bass  -  Oleg Smirnov


Vibraphone  -  Joao Petrus

Drums  -  Juan Mejia 


Recording  -  Ernest Deriabin, Jesse Mason, Oleg Smirnov

Mixing  -  Oleg Smirnov

Mastering  -  Michael Engesser


Music and Video Producer  -  Oleg Smirnov 



Night And Day:

Berklee  Jazz Sessions


Trumpet - Jeremy Alvarez
Alto Sax 1 - Alexey Sokolov
Alto Sax 2 - Anton Derevyanko
Tenor Sax - Kyle Zimmerman
Trombone - Dorsey Minns
Baritone Sax - Logan Ivancik

Violin - Kim Busic
Viola - Mariya Ksondzyk

Electric Guitar - Elvin Rodriguez
Acoustic Guitar - Oleg Smirnov

Piano - Anastassiya Petrova
Electric Piano, Synths - Oleg Smirnov


Bass - Oleg Smirnov
Percussion - Juan Mejia
Drums - David Lo Cascio


Recording Engineer - Ernest Deriabin, Oleg Smirnov

Mixing / Mastering Engineer - Oleg Smirnov

Videography - Oleg Smirnov




SPLASHES  by EXIT project

Conceived in 2008 "Son Cherished Most" concludes the three years of artistic collaboration of two musicians, a historian of religion, and a visual artist. The multi-media project brings together music, visuals, documentary film, and cross-cultural philosophical quotes, all unified by a single concept of transcendence as an ultimate challenge set in front of every human regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, etc. 


Kirill Parenchuk - soprano sax, drums, tabla, samples

Oleg Smirnov - guitars, keyboards, electric bass, synthesisers, screenplay 

Feodor Sinelnikov - world philosophical heritage quotes

Mikhail Vasilyev - visuals and graphic design

Produced by Oleg Smirnov


Ancestor's Day

ANCESTOR'S DAY - Official Movie Trailer

ANCESTOR'S DAY - Official Movie Trailer

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