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"His work is informed by a deep personal commitment

and understanding of art and contemporary culture."


- Matthew Nicholl, Berklee



"Oleg is an excellent collaborator and a true wizard

when it comes to scoring to picture"


- Natalia Stoltidis, film director




Oleg Smirnov is a Los Angeles-based composer, arranger, and music producer, a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) and the Society for Composers and Lyricists.

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A multi-instrumentalist and descendant of the European music tradition, Oleg is a versatile composer whose work combines stylistic diversity with deep insight, sensitivity, and attention to detail. His music is featured in film, TV, radio, and theater productions, showcased at 16 national and international music festivals, as well as reviewed in major music media (e.g. Billboard). Oleg Smirnov's 2020 EP "Amrita", a collaboration with Indian traditional kirtan singer Kamini Natarajan was running for the 63rd Grammy Awards in the Best New Age Album category alongside Trent Reznor and Brian Eno. In 2021 Oleg composed a full-length soundtrack album for an over-seas theater production "Fish Don't Melt" commissioned by The New Theater and produced the contemporary jazz fusion album "Kindness" featuring smooth jazz legends Dave Koz, Michael Lington, Sergey Chipenko alongside 23 other international musicians. Both works were submitted for Grammy Awards® in the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album and Best Arranging Instruments and Vocals categories. 2012 saw the release of a multimedia project Son Cherished Most embracing music, visual arts, philosophy, and documentary film. In 2011 his arranging of John Zorn's piece "Meholalot" was welcomed by the New York avant-garde guru himself. Oleg Smirnov was also featured on the British synth-pop icon Mark Almond's album "Orpheus In Exile" (2009), composed and produced several albums for an instrumental collective EXIT project, which were released on the Eastern European major record labels "CD Land" and "Soyuz Records" with the overall circulation of the CDs exceeding 1,000,000 copies. Oleg's latest work is a chamber piece "Plach" recorded by LA Philharmonic and Riverside Philarmonic strings in Los Angeles's iconic "The Village Studios".

In addition to the degree with honors from Boston's Berklee College of Music Oleg Smirnov's background highlights a Master of Arts in Psychology and Education.

Oleg Smirnov is a voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) and the Society of Composers and Lyricists, Academy of Scoring Arts (Los Angeles), as well as a music production expert and judge at the Coliseum Music Convention (Eastern Europe).


Oleg Smirnov composer, Oleg Smirnov producer
Oleg Smirnov composer, Oleg Smirnov producer, film composer portfolio
Oleg Smirnov composer, Oleg Smirnov producer, idiom productions



Interview for Voyage LA (USA, 2019)

Interview for LNGFRM Magazine (USA, 2019)

Interview for Vents Magazine (USA, 2018)


Interview for Radio Mediametrics (Russia, 2016)

Interview for Jazz Convention Magazine (Italy, 2015)






Official nomination in the Jazz category for the single "Africa" from the album "Kindness"

BERKLEE Outstanding Musicianship Award 2016
in Music Preparation

by Berklee Professional Writing Division



"ANCESTOR"S DAY"                                                                                               Natalia Stoltidis, dir.

Independent, 2017                                                                                            Alexey Spaskov, prod.

Composer, sound designer

"FISH DON"T MELT"                                                                                          Jef Aertz, writer                       

The New Theater, 2021                                                                                      Victoria Shalamova, dir.

Composer, music producer

"GOD RIDES A BICYCLE"                                                                                    Jef Aertz, writer                      

The New Theater, 2021                                                                                      Victoria Shalamova, dir.

Composer, music producer

"SON CHERISHED MOST"                                                                                 Zhenya Lutsenko, dir.

NOOM Films, 2012                                                                                          Aslan Zavrumov, prod.

Composer, music producer




"A TICKET TO THE BOLSHOY"                                                                               Konstantin Kutz, dir.

 Kultura TV network                                                                                         Nikolay Sergeyev, prod.



"NATIONAL PARKS OF SIBERIA"                                                       Documentary series by Greenpeace

"HONOR YOUR DAYS"                                                                   Advertisement campaign by Reebok        



"EARTH HOUR"                                                                               Advertisement campaign by WWF



"GREEN FINGER"                                                                            Advertisement campaign by WWF





- "PLACH" acoustic chamber work feat. LA Philarmonic and Riverside Philharmonic strings


- "KINDNESS" for Sergey Chipenko and various artists

- "FISH DON'T MELT" original theater soundtrack


- “AMRITA” by Oleg Smirnov & Kamini Natarajan, EP



- “COLOR SPLASHES” by EXIT project, (CD, Vykhod Records)



- “SON CHERISHED MOST” by Oleg Smirnov & Kirill Parenchuk,

   (CD, Tunguska EMS, 3plet publishing)





- “LIVE AT GOLDEN MASK” by EXIT project feat. Sergey Letov (CD, Soyuz Records) 





- “LIVESPLASHES” by EXIT project (CD, Soyuz Records, 3plet Publishing)






- “ORPHEUS IN EXILE” by Mark Almond (CD, Strike Force Entertainment UK)




- “LIVE AT O2TV" by EXIT project (DVD, O2TV Publishing)





-  "ZHIVU LIVE" by Personal EXIT (CD, Sonic Space Records)






- “A MYSTERY JOURNEY...” by EXIT project (CD, Digital, Free!Music Publishing)










"Oleg writes in a wide variety of styles authentically and with deep understanding. His writing and production are first-rate. His background, coupled with his deep study of a wide variety of music from around the world, makes him uniquely poised to deliver a highly personal yet universal artistic statement. "


- Matthew Nicholl, Berklee 



“This artistic band sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Sephardic grooves and jazz-based compositions mix the energy of a rock show with the subtlety of a performance recital...”


– Alex Brown,



“EXIT project delivers cosmic musical harmony with an eclectic approach. Where else can you hear a funked-out dub version of John Zorn’s “Meholalot” complete with heavy bass and screeching violins?”


– WVKR FM Poughkeepsie, NY Radio Review



“The genre-bending styles and musical exploits of the EXIT project traverse the world of nu-jazz, electronica, downtempo, fusion, and experimental realms. Tangerine Dream-like percussion displays and ambient washes combine with evocative club-beats and groovy melodies to provide an extremely engaging result; ...morsel-filled with scrumptious delights of ear candy for the heart, soul, and everything in-between.”


– Matthew Forss, World Music News Network



“The globally inflicted music, dubbed “art-fusion,” belongs to the underground scene happening in the Eastern Europe. Their extended live pieces take you on a journey, twisting and turning with violin, saxophones, flute, didgeridoo, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and tabla, displaying a wide range of musical influences...”


– Review, WVKR FM, NY Radio



“...The art scene pops up and draws on all the international down tempo touchstones as well as an Art of Noise meets AEC vibe. Suppose Ibiza was closer to Siberia. This crew is an amalgam of hot players from other crews and the super jam yields a soundtrack for art chicks everywhere...”


– Midwest Records





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