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"In general, there are two major types of music pieces that composers write. The first type comes from the rational decision to write a certain thing for a project or a task and is developed and crafted relying on the composer's knowledge, skill, and aesthetics. The second type, on the contrary, comes out of the blue, from the irrational seed like a random mistake or a chord or a little line that later unravels itself into the full and complete music entity that arrives as is, as if utilizing the composer and their craftmanship as a vehicle. 

PLA:CH is the second type of work. Originally composed as a solo guitar piece in early 2020 it took three years to "sit" and finally get produced in 2023. 

The name of the piece comes from the Slavic word "плач" which means a cry, weep, lament.  Looking back I now see it came as the messenger that had anticipated and encompassed the tragedies that have been shaking us, the reflection of the confusion, grief, and human suffering".

Composed, orchestrated, and produced by Oleg Smirnov, IDIOM Music Productions

The recording features the LA Philarmonic and Riverside Philharmonic strings

Recorded at The Village Studios, Los Angeles

Mixed by Yan Perchuk, The Next Level Productions, Los Angeles

Mastered by Peter Hewitt-Dutton at The Bakery Studios, Los Angeles

(c) Oleg Smirnov 2023

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