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FYC 2022 GRAMMY Awards®
- Best Contemporary Instrumental Album -
- Best Arranging Instruments & Vocals -


Sergey Chipenko

feat. Dave Koz, Michael Lington, Alex Hahn, Oleg Smirnov, Gen Sax, Andreas Aleman, Igor Kogan, Anthony Crawford, Ernest Tibbs

"Kindness is such a beautiful song... so emotive and heartfelt. It's a melody I've always loved playing. Thank you, Sergey!"   Dave Koz, Grammy-nominated saxophonist.



"Sergey is one of the most incredible pianists in the world..."   Mickey Stevenson, A&R, producer, Motown Records 

A long-awaited album, KINDNESS is the result of the collaboration of many seasoned American and international contemporary jazz, classical, and urban artists led by prominent Russian-American pianist-composer Sergey Chipenko. Celebrating diversity in music, this seven-track record features a plethora of top-of-the-genre musicians like Grammy-nominated saxophonist Dave Koz and smooth jazz icon Michael Lington, Swedish singer and band-leader Andreas Aleman, as well as a newer generation of American jazz virtuosos like Alex Hahn, a winner of the Michael Brecker competition. With 23 contributing musicians total Kindness is a rich, diverse, and truly international work that brings together musical talent from the USA, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Israel, Germany, Peru, and even Australia. At the heart of the music are the soulful compositions of Sergey, whose signature contemporary jazz lines are infused with a tasteful touch of the brilliant Russian classical music tradition carrying allusions to Rachmaninov's legendary pianism and Tchaikovsky's fascinating melodicism. A noticeable urban feel of the opening track featuring Dave Koz on saxophone is then changed by the groovy and authentic feel of Africa, followed by an almost academic rendition of Herbie Hancock's masterpiece, totally rearranged and twisted. The album's closing piece is a Disney-style surprise jewel - a vocal version of Kindness performed by phenomenal Andreas Aleman and orchestrated by prominent Israeli composer Igor Kogan and arranged by Oleg Smirnov. A few tracks carry "that Peruvian spark" by producer Gen Sax, as well as gorgeous Afro-American style super-charged bass playing of Anthony Crawford and Ernest Tibbs throughout the record. The album was produced, and mixed by brilliant Oleg Smirnov of Los Angeles-based IDIOM Music Productions and mastered by Philippines-born Jett Galindo, one of the most sought-after female mastering engineers working alongside Eric Boulanger at The Bakery mastering studios in LA.

Amrita Player

For Your Consideration
- Best Contemporary Instrumental Album -
- Best Arranging Instruments & Vocals -



Sergey Chipenko - keyboards, piano, composer

Dave Koz, Michael Lington, Igor Fedotov, Artem Zhuliev, Alex Hahn - soprano, alto, tenor saxophones

Oleg Smirnov, Slava Khanov – guitars 

Yuri Katz, Alex Hahn - flute 

Vladimir Galaktionov - trumpet

Andreas Aleman, Katerina Balykbaeva, Moise Ouaknine, Polina Zizak  – vocals

Kirill Parenchuk – percussion

Igor Dzhavad-Zade - drums

Anthony Crawford, Ernest Tibbs, Oleg Smirnov, Igor Kogan – bass

Jacob Nahman - clarinet  
Zara Yesenaman - violin, viola

Maksim Velichkin - cello

Oleg Smirnov, Gen Sax, Sergey Chipenko - arranging

Igor Kogan - orchestration

Brian Hobbs - lyrics in (7)

Produced by Oleg Smirnov at IDIOM Music Productions,

Los Angeles 2021
Recording engineer - Alexey Piksaev
Mixing engineer - Oleg Smirnov

Mastered by Jett Galindo of The Bakery, Los Angeles 2021

Cover Art - Mikhail Vasyliev

Special thanks to: Mikhail Vykhodtsev, Nikita Chipenko, Vasily Izumchensky 

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