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Premiered in 2012 "Son Cherished Most" concludes the three years of artistic collaboration of two musicians, a historian of religion, and a visual artist. This multi-media project brings together music, visuals, documentary film, and cross-cultural philosophical quotes, all unified by a single concept of transcendence as an ultimate challenge set in front of every human regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, etc. The album was released under the umbrella of EXIT project collaborative community.


Oleg Smirnov - guitars, keyboards, electric bass, synthesizers, screenplay 


Kirill Parenchuk - soprano sax, drums, tabla, samples

Feodor Sinelnikov - world philosophical heritage quotes

Mikhail Vasilyev - visuals and graphic design

Valery Mifodovsky - management

Zhenya Lutsenko, Aslan Zavrumov (NOOM films) - camera and video editing

Katerina Zinich - vocals in "Aurora" 
Ramil Samshutdinov - trombone in "Silence Scene"
Roman Smirnov - solo synth in "Passion for Compassion"

Produced by Oleg Smirnov

Son Cherished Most
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