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Mindfulness, Resilience, and Burnout Prevention
for Music Industry Professionals. 

Peer workshops designed and facilitated by Oleg Smirnov of IDIOM music productions.

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Practicing mindfulness is a powerful, science-proven path to well-being and efficiency that renders many substantial benefits. It prepares you to act wisely without getting carried away by the emotional reactions of the moment and lets you consciously respond rather than impulsively react to challenging situations, be reflective rather than reflexive. Here are some immediate and long-term benefits of mindfulness:

  • more focus and clarity 

  • less anxiety 

  • more ease and patience

  • more self-awareness

  • more capacity for empathy

  • lower stress hormone levels, blood pressure

  • boosts your immune system

  • helps mitigate depression, ADHD

  • makes you a happier and more content human being

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